What is One Minute Mixology?

One Minute Mixology is an online social media channel that broadcasts ‘How To’/Tutorial/videos that last roughly 60 seconds and showcase how you can make the best drinks possible in a professional or home bar environment. 

Who is it aimed at?

One Minute Mixology is aimed at both professional career bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts looking to create classic and contemporary cocktails with ingredients that are easily obtainable and accessible.

Why is it aimed at both? Why not just aim at home bartenders?

Well, good question. There’s a couple reasons for this.

Because the channel focuses on classic and contemporary drinks, its a useful resource for younger bartenders who want to find out more and expand their drink mixing repertoire.

For those professional bartenders that have been around a bit longer, hopefully they find something that will help elevate their craft to a new level, or maybe they’ll come across a drink they like the sound but have never heard of and give a go in the bar they work at. 

For home cocktail enthusiasts, the ingredients are easy to get hold of from a local liquor store. And if they can’t be bothered to do that, then they can go to their favorite craft cocktail bar and show them the video that shows their favorite bartender how to make the drink.

As the boundaries are blurred between home cocktail enthusiast, professional bartenders, social media drink makers and every one else in between, coupled with an acknowledgement that the craft cocktail has reached its peak, One Minute Mixology speaks in a language to all and everyone in the hope of making them excited about their career or hobby as a cocktail enthusiast.

What kind of authority on drinks do you have? Are you just another social media bartender person?

Great question.

I’ve been bar tending for over a decade and have worked at some of the best bars in Edinburgh, London, New York and Miami.

I’ve represented the UK and won the global finals of the Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition in 2014, and have had the amazing privilege of being able to give talks and workshops in cities as far flung as Shanghai, Taipei, Melbourne, Singapore and Mumbai.

I’ve been part of several panels at Tales of the Cocktails and was even nominated for a couple of awards in my late 20s when I lived in London.

I’ve covered a variety of roles through my career from barbacking and bussing to managing and serving, sometimes all at the same time.

Why ‘One Minute’?

There are a lot of great Youtube channels and Instagram accounts out there that focus on cocktail content, but sometimes viewers just want the recipe or a brief history on the drink in conjunction with how  to make it. One Minute Mixology provides all this in a ‘How To’ format without worrying about filling videos and vlogs with useless content in which the viewer will skip the boring parts of the video to get what you’re really looking for.

Also, ‘One Minute Mixology’ kinda rolls of the tongue.

How can I keep up to date with ‘One Minute Mixology’?

You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (which I don’t use that often) and primarily Youtube where you can sign up and find out when new videos and content come out. 

Why do you have a website and a Youtube Channel and other forms of social media?

Well most my content goes out on Youtube for more people to see, whilst this websites acts as a written version to some of those videos, albeit ones that are more focused on the craft and creative side. This latter aspect can also be seen via Facebook and Instagram too and is what I’m known for the most.

What kind of drinks do you make?

As previously mentioned we focus on drinks that are easy to replicate with ingredients that are easily obtainable from a decent liquor store in your neighbourhood, town or city.

In terms of era we pretty much cover everything, from old school classics to disco drinks to obscure creations that haven’t seen the light of day in years. But primarily we focus on classic and contemporary cocktails, both the well known ones and those that are a little more obscure.

Do you ever do drinks with homemade infusions or house-made syrups? 

Yeah no not really. Not that we don’t like those drinks – I’ve had some great drinks with homemade bitters and infusions in my time – but we focus on drink that have a sustainability that allows them to be made in almost any craft cocktail bar environment in any town or city in the world.

Do you ever take drink requests?

Absolutely! If there’s something specific you want us to make or find out more about, we’re always open to suggestions.

We might not get chance to make it straight away, but it will always be noted and we’d always rather make drinks our viewers want as opposed to drinks we want.

Would you ever make one of my drinks if I sent it to you?

We’re always interested to hear about other peoples ideas and recipes. After all, most of the drinks that go out over this channel aren’t mine, and are a collection of others peoples drinks past and present from the last 150 years plus from those who have tended bar and left a mark on this profession.

However, if you send me a drink recipe of something you made three nights ago for your hen party that you’ve only made once and can noel remember has the ingredients for, we’ll make the drink and record it in a video if you promise to donate $100,00 to this project and can guarantee 100,00 likes and 100,00 followers on social media.

Do you take samples or do brand collaborations?

You mean, do I want free booze and team up with awesome liquor companies? You bet your ass I do. Reach out to me via the contact form on this website and let’s see what we can figure out.

Do you do private or corporate events?

Yes and yes. Contact me to find out more and hopefully we can figure something out. 

Do you do any other videos or tutorials on bartending stuff other than cocktails?

At the time of typing we’re putting together some ideas for how to make certain syrups at home, for example, as well as ice, home bar set up and the like. Watch this space as we’ll have some coming soon.

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