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This Just In: The Glenlivet “Tide Pods”

Pernod Ricard’s flagship single malt brand The Glenlivet scored some major PR points during the recent annual London Cocktail Week.

Claiming that their revolutionary product will ‘redefine how whisky can be enjoyed’, The Glenlivet captured the attention of almost every millennial (and beyond) around the world with the release of their new ‘Glenlivet Capsule Collection’ .

Essentially a tide pod but with whisky instead of, well, washing detergent, the alcohol pods are in theory a genius conception. Small spirit concoctions created for easy, on the go tasting with no glass, no waste and no fuss.

After publicizing the limited-time release for London Cocktail Week, the brand’s hashtag #noglassrequired created meme and mockery sensations across the internet.

Criticism spanned from whisky industry snobbery to downright hilarious social commentary (see below). The Glenlivet quickly released an announcement that the products were only a promotion for London Cocktail Week and would not be available to the public.

Be that as it may, it was all too late to avoid the ‘tide-al’ wave (sorry) of content chirps that swept across social media.

Still, there’s no such thing as bad PR, right? If you have comments on this – which I no doubt reckon that some of you have – feel free to tell me what you think below.

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