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This Just In: Atomik

Utilizing rye grown on the local land and using uncontaminated groundwater from the surrounding area, Atomik vodka has been triple distilled and is like most other vodkas on the market, but with one main difference; all the materials are grown or sourced from the Chernobyl disaster site.

The Chernobyl Spirit Company, a company that semi-humorously calls itself a ‘Social Enterprise’, aims to bring awareness to the crops grown near the site that are safe to consume, arguing that the distillation process takes out all impurities associated with the radioactive area.

The company aims to raise awareness about the surrounding area, with the idea that potential sales can support local production and economy.

Utilizing the radio-analytical laboratory and resources at Southampton University – along with the expertise of a team of researchers who have worked the inclusion zone for many years – the distillation process also includes the expertise of Professor Jim Smith, who is based at the University of Portsmouth.

However, despite the fact that its the first consumer product to be made since the Chernobyl disaster, only one bottle has been produced (and it’s not yet for sale).

Question is, how would you feel about consuming an alcohol from the land near the Chernobyl nuclear disaster? Leave your comments below.

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