In case you missed it: Something we have been keeping our eye on over the past two years is the continued effort of alcohol brands to blur categories, taking inspiration across industries and reaching deep into their arsenal in hopes of garnering the public’s affection (or maybe a bit of press).

With consumers continued enthusiasm for experiential drinking opportunities, it is of no surprise that some of the industry heavy hitters are concocting category defying product assortment.

Last year we saw Jameson’s Caskmates IPA using beer-soaked barrels to age their whisky in; Nude Coffee’s Beerista,  Glenfiddich’s Winter Storm and Jack Daniel’s Chapel Down. This year has seen the beginning of the evolution as wine emerges as the inspiration of the moment.  On the more commercial end, Crispin launched a wine inspired range, the new “spritzer” from Stella hit the market, while several Rosé vodkas his the market from brands such as Hangar One, Three Olives and Effen, which offers a more boutique appeal with some killer packaging design.

While some brands are looking to marry categories, in hopes of hitting it big with the next new concept, others like Rebel Rabbet and Empirical Spirits are tinkering with the ingredients and fermentation process to inspire product innovation of new spirits.

What are your thoughts on category mash-ups and cross industry inspiration? 

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